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Paleo Crockpot Chili a.k.a. Asher’s Dino Smash


Yesterday I woke up to rain and knowing it was a running class day, was trying to think of what to put in the crockpot for lunch later that day that would warm me up, when it hit that I hadn’t yet tried Robyn’s chili!  Woo Hoo!  Took less than 15 minutes to brown the beef & chop the veggies & have the pot ready to go at 7:30 am … off to Woodinville for class, then stopping to run errands & grocery shop so when I walked in the door at 12:30, I was drooling at the wonderful aroma that greeted me. Made me race to put everything away so I could dish up a bowl and kick my shoes off and of course, knowing our Robyn, this did not disappoint! Now, with some wonderful left-over chili, am thinking that it will go great over a bed of mixed greens for a taco salad for lunch tomorrow and a good scoop over a baked sweet potato for dinner later this week, too.

“Dino Smash. It’s paleo, because it has ‘dino’ in the name, right? Actually – this is a recipe for paleo crock pot chili. It is so simple, and so good, but Asher will only eat something if it has the word ‘dino’ in the name. Hence, we do not shop for fish sticks, chicken nuggets, or ground beef. In our house, you eat dino fish, dino nuggets, and dino smash. The only exceptions are hot dogs, pizza, and pizza with a lid on it (quesidillas) I know. Welcome to the world of parenting a two year old. The infant child who used to eat a myriad of good-for-you pureed food morphs into the toddler mini-person who will now happily eat chicken nuggets five times a week. Coupled with maple syrup, mind you. I know. I know.

Anywho – this is one of my most favorite fallback recipes. Place in crock pot, turn on, and serve 6-8 hours later with your favorite paleo cornbread muffins. You can top it with avocado chunks and you won’t even miss the cheese or sour cream. And, I confess, I have occasionally added some chopped spinach to the recipe to attempt to sneak extra nutrients into Asher, who would rather eat chocolate and granola bars. With maple syrup. But that’s another story…”

Dino Smash (Paleo Crockpot Chili)



3 lb extra lean ground beef
1 medium onion, diced
4-5 stalks celery, chopped, including leaves.
1 green bell pepper, diced.
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 can tomato paste 12 oz
1 can tomato sauce 15 oz
1 can diced tomatoes 28 oz
1/2 Tbsp chili powder
1 Tbsp dried parsley
1/2 Tbsp dried basil
1/2 Tbsp dried oregano
1/4 Tsp ground black pepper
1/2 Tsp salt
1/8-1/2 tsp Franks Red Hot (the more, the hotter…)




Brown the beef in a skillet over medium heat until meat is browned. Drain excess grease.

Place the beef in a slow cooker, add in all other ingredients.

Cook 6-8 hours.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

 – Robyn Lang
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