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Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner!

The 45 Day Paleo Challenge = Awesome Numbers & Awesome People

  • 13 people finished the challenge on Saturday and lost a total of 105 pounds.
  • 13 people dropped a total of 34.6% of body fat lost (accumulated together)

and now, what you’ve all been waiting to hear – “Who Are the Four That Won The Paleo Challenge??”


Our Category Winners in Performance

Rebekah Stickfort


She accumulated a strength to weight ratio gain of .29 which was over twice as high as the second place woman. She also improved her “Cindy” score by 5 full rounds (woo hoo!)





Reggie Wageman


He accumulated a strength to weight ratio gain of .10 and increased his “Cindy” score by 3 full rounds.



Our Category Winners in Body Composition


Jocelyn Williams


She lost a total of 11 pounds, decreased her waist-to-hip ratio by .06, and reduced her body fat by 4.3%.



Kevin Sylvester

He lost a total of 18 pounds, decreased his waist-to-hip ratio .5, and reduced his body fat by 3.8%.





Each of the Winners takes home $120 in cold, hard cash!

So give ’em a round of applause before you ask them for a personal loan!

And for those of you who are wondering how the winners were calculated?  I have to tell you, Randy has a degree in math after reading his explanation below!

Performance Winners:

Improvements in Crossfit Total based on strength to weight ratio.Strength to Weight ratio is calculated by dividing total weight lifted by the person’s body weight. We did three lifts for CFT, so I divided your CFT score by three to get your weight lifted and then divided by your weight get your SWR. Also, calculated into the decision was improvement in your “Cindy” score.


Body Composition Winners:

Four measurements were used to calculate our winners for this category. Amount of difference or change from the start to the finish gave me your number for improvement in each category. The categories were: weight, waist-to-hip ratio, body fat %, and pictures.

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