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Cultivating Community

Our gyms spirit is one of the reasons you probably continue to come to CrossFit Everett. With how fast our daily lives move, schedule, job as well as family changes, it’s much harder to have a sense of community in your life. Sometimes the difference between success / failure or staying / quitting is community.

Working out alone whether it’s by yourself or as part of a sea of nameless faces on the elliptical or treadmill next to you at other gyms doesn’t provide the same level of support or positive interactions as those who share your fitness / health goals as a fellow CrossFitter.

I think of our community much more as a tribe, we are very different in so many respects, but when we come together to work out, we provide camaraderie, friendship and challenge to ourselves and others. I think most of all, it’s that kinship which gives me accountability and commitment to myself, my goals and believe it or not, to my fellow athletes.

We Are Social
It’s one of the 101’s that you learn in Psychology – people are social beings and while we are all on our own quest, we become a little bit more by coming to classes at CFE.

Did you know that when we’re in a group, we more or less instinctively mirror or mimic others in the group without even realizing what we are doing? Humankind is wired to attempt to fit in with our group, our tribe.

We are all on a similar mission, sharing the same warm-ups / WODS and it’s those experiences as we adapt & learn that can make our classes much more enjoyable (or sometimes less painful or momentum to just finish!) rather than going it alone.

Working out with others can also mean you’re spending more energy or effort mastering the task at hand, whether it’s competition with others or your last time. You also learn from your fellow athletes as you watch their progress as you don’t always see in yourself what’s holding you back, but you may reach your own goals faster or easier because you learn from their strategies and obstacles.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Having that sometimes cursed white board says we have a community check-in with regards to our goals and it can also cause us to be more dedicated in showing up, reviewing our progress or how close we are to meeting our goals. It also helps us to know if our fellow athletes were at an earlier class or haven’t been in all week and we need to check in with them.

If I’m working on a goal by myself and know I haven’t been diligent, I can avoid thinking about my lack of progress altogether. But if I’m a part of a group and I’m going to be in that class, I have made a commitment to continue that progress that I don’t want to break.

Help in Overcoming Obstacles

Being part of a group of driven athletes, friends and maybe a specific class, really helps to keep your commitment when progress can be slow or when setbacks happen. You know, somewhere along the road, there’s going to be something that didn’t work out as you’d hoped or planned. That can be where community and our class coaches step in to keep you going.

It’s the shared celebrations when you get that new PR on a lift or your first muscle up or to RX a workout, it’s the empathy of “you’re almost there” shared or knowing what it’s like to be the last to finish and experiencing a round of applause from those who were already done but waited for you to finish, that gives you the confidence and drive to keep pushing through.

The sense of connectivity that you share with your fellow athletes gives you both support and a spirit to keep going when you might otherwise quit and in our classes, I’m continually surrounded by the proven statistic of community. You are more likely to succeed at your goals when you have the support of a ‘tribe’ of your own making, after all friends are the family you choose.


Is what brought you to CrossFit Everett in the first place still the reason you come to class or have you become part of CFE, finding that it’s the culture of our shared community that keeps you coming back?


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