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Are You Coasting?

Everyone needs a break now and then but sometimes our perceived rests
I’ve been working really hard on a major project at work,
I’m just going to take it easy for a while”
Oh, I’ll get back on a regular exercise schedule after our summer vacation”
“I’m taking a break from CrossFit for a bit”
turn from a couple of days to a week or even a month or longer break and we justify it in the back of our head as just ‘coasting’ for a bit, where in reality, when you quit moving forward, you don’t end up coasting, you end up actually losing ground. Geesh, that doesn’t sound at all like that voice in your head now, does it?
Momentum is defined as “the impetus gained by a moving object.”
Momentum can only happen when you choose to actually move, if you are sitting still, you’re not actually remaining still, you are slowly falling behind. This means that the old adage of “move it or lose it” has some real truth to it.
Did you know if you’re a beginning athlete, studies have shown that you lose all the benefits you’ve gained from exercise (cardiovascular & aerobic) within two months of stopping?
If you’re a fit athlete (defined as someone who has worked out regularly for a year or more) it takes just three months for you to lose just about half of the benefits you gained over the past years exercise.
Remember that old physics theory from high school: “An object in motion tends to remain in motion. An object at rest tends to remain at rest.”? What is true in physics is true about being physically active, working out and challenging yourself to the next level. When you choose to get off the couch (or push away from the table or the tv) and begin to do physical movement, it becomes easier and easier to do the next thing … and the next thing … because you’ve put momentum to work for you.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re losing ground

Get Going and Make your Summer count

Get In Here!

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