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I Am CrossFit

Watching the CrossFit games today is a whole lot of awe inspiration and intimidation rolled into one. It reminds me that the same rules that apply to these athletes apply to everyone. If it works for Rich Froning or Julie Foucher at the CF Games, it’s probably going to work for you. Athletes set high goals, push themselves, experience defeat & achieve.  You may not be shooting to become a CF games competitor but remember you are a CrossFit athlete no matter where you compete.


Whether you’re just starting out


If you’ve been here a while and hit a plateau


The forward momentum in gaining speed or weight with your lifts is slowing down


You may find that you need to have a little talk with yourself from time to time to get over or stop the “I’m nots” in your head and move that thinking more in terms of “I am” so this reminder from CrossFit CenTex seemed right on because you ARE strong enough, fit enough, thin enough, “whatever” enough for CrossFit – no matter where your fitness or skill level is right now, you ARE CrossFit.


I Am CrossFit

  1.  I promise to do my best. 
    My best may vary from day to  day, from hour to hour, from minute to  minute, yet I will do my best
  2. Lactic acid is my friend.
    Wind, Cold, pain & fear are my friends.  Anything that opposes me makes me stronger
  3. I will bite off challenges and spit out results!
  4. I know a workout missed is an opportunity missed.
    I will not cheat myself of a chance to be a better person.


What you do with your body and your health – your whole life, really – is all in your power. It doesn’t matter where your start point is, it’s about progress … to me, that’s the spirit of the games and the reason that we all CrossFit.

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