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The Ideal CrossFit Class …

There are a couple of ways to view any CrossFit class – from the perspective of the student/athlete or as that of the instructor/coach.

While we don’t always think of our classes other than our time to workout, after a whole day of running back to back classes, I can see where this article from CrossFit West of the ideal CrossFit class would make our coaches lives and attitudes great and give them more focus on coaching us instead of repeating, reminding or picking up.

If you haven’t thought about our classes from the Jesse / Randy’s perspective, after reading this, stop and think how we can either make or break a class in a number of ways.

Listening harder, cleaning up and not “rolling my eyes out loud” are on my improvement list – maybe you can get a tip or two that will make classes better for everyone you work out with.


Is this you?

1. You  make it to class early, you actually take the time to effectively foam roll especially if it hurts, and you might even make it through the bathroom line before the run.

2. You rock the warm up and you don’t have to ask a trainer (or fellow athlete) to repeat the directions even one time.  Today, you know for sure exactly how many squats to do, and how many burpees, too.

3. Time for the strength portion, so you pull out your up-to-date, well-ordered, and complete workout journal.  You KNOW what you did for last week’s press, and you are ready to increase the weight.  None of that slapping some weight on the bar and just hoping that some how it all works out, hoping that today it will just feel right.

4.  It’s finally time for the WOD, you listen to the workout briefing with no side conversations or snide comments towards your coach, and then you are excited to do whatever is on the board!  No grumbling or frowning for you, even if you did power cleans yesterday too.  You know you’ll be fine.

5.  When the coach says you have 5 minutes to get ready for the WOD, you take that seriously, grab all of your equipment, and set up, politely making sure you aren’t moving in on someone else’s pull up bar or wall space.  No one has to wait for you while you run to the bathroom.

6.  Intense focus and determination.  That’s you during the WOD.  No dialing it in and no sand-bagging it. You give it all you’ve got and your movements are precise and mindful.

7.  Clean up time!  You put away all your equipment, wiping down anything that needs it, and you actually put your KB back where it belongs  No one is going to take a picture of your station and post it to FaceBook as “burpee” time! You take a quick moment to log your work in your journal.

8.  And of course you stretch.  Would there be any doubt?  You take the time to foam roll, maybe stretch out those quads, and what ever else needs to be taken care of today.

Now I KNOW all of these things, but I certainly don’t meet the ideal every class.  Some days are better than others, and every once in a while I might even feel like I nailed it from start to finish.  Those days are pretty rare though, and that’s just life, right?



The truth is that we all know deep down that we get more out of things when we put more into them.  We see that all of the time in our lives, and CrossFit class is no exception.  You might not hit the ideal, but with some planning, attention, and focus, you can certainly increase the benefit and take away from your CF class.


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