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And CrossFit Is Probably Not For You …

As much as I love CrossFit, after spending some time with a friend this weekend, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not for everyone (seriously, can’t believe I’m saying that … I must be delirious from a case of kettle bell fever… someone get me an ice pack!). I think I know much more about who isn’t CrossFit material after my quality time  …

  • Bringing your Kindle, the current best-selling novel or the latest issue of your favorite magazine to your workout because that’s where you catch up on your reading – in the hour on the treadmill / stair climber?  Oh, they will be going un-read here.
  • Cell phone – can’t live without it, always attached to it? It’s going to be tough to talk during one of our workouts, you won’t have the breath left alone the time as our workouts are functional, fast and breath-taking in all ways. We stay focused and on task in class and if can’t live without the phone for an hour, you’re going to be miserable here.
  • You depend on the TV at the gym to keep up with the news or Judge Judy to keep you entertained while you’re spinning. Well we don’t have a TV, so no “checking out” mentally when training with us.
  • We don’t have mirrors. Sorry people, we dress for function, we dress for sweat and the quote “If you still look good at the end of your workout, you didn’t train hard enough” was written I swear by a person who CrossFits. Oh, but don’t worry, there are mirrors in the bathroom so you can straighten up your hair & freshen up that Alice Cooper style make-up, courtesy of your workout before you leave!

Once she got over the no reading / cell phone / TV / mirrors, she starting asking “who in the heck goes to that kind of gym and more importantly, why?” Oh yeah baby, do you hear your name being called like I did? That would be us – the crazy people of CFE!!

So thought a check list of what makes people CrossFit material might be in order as it could help all of us and if you have any additional points I missed, let me know!

  1. There isn’t anyone here who is going through the motions or telling you you’re doing great, when you’re not. We think everyone can ‘handle the truth’ and we’re the first to encourage you and to cheer you when you get it! If you don’t like being coached / trained, having your moves watched / corrected, be encouraged in your movements or being held accountable to actually do things right, CrossFit is probably not for you
  2. Don’t like to measure or track? Performance is measured on a daily basis, we keep score and your results are on the white board for you (and everyone else) to see – get over it, get on with it. We may have an off day, but we don’t slack. Keeping score helps you with your training and honestly, we don’t care what your score is, we only care that you are improving and tracking – that is how you’ll get there. If you don’t want your performance to improve, then CrossFit is probably not for you.
  3. CrossFit is expensive – there, I’ve said it, cat’s out of the bag.  The way I look at it, you’re charged enough to where you actually show up and train. You are paying for what you get – top-level  coaches to coach you and a fully equipped training space that has value to our members.  If you don’t want to pay for a fully equipped and professionally run training center that expects people to work out and get results, CrossFit is probably not for you.
  4. Don’t like to learn or perfect?  Well, we frequently mix things up and we are taught new things in different ways on a recurrent basis. You’ll learn new grips, lifts, moves and training methods. And guess what? You’ll actually master them. over time! You’re taught the fundamentals so you are good at them and you never quit polishing those fundamentals either. If you don’t like to learn, train with frequent change in your workouts or work to master movements, CrossFit is probably not for you.
  5. Do you come to the gym to hang out? Yeah, well call us crazy, but we expect to get better and to do that you actually have to train. You’ll be adding weight, going faster and be continually coached during your training. You’re encouraged to try harder to overcome the weakest links in your performance and you are surrounded by other athletes who actually come to the gym to workout. If showing up to train is hard on you, CrossFit is probably not for you.
  6. Do you like to complain and whine about the workouts and coaches and the parking and the gym and how hot or cold it is or how bad or loud the music is? We don’t do ‘whiners’ well … people who repeatedly complain and have a never-ending array of excuses don’t seem to like our atmosphere either for some reason. And CrossFit is probably not for you.

If you want to train with the best, be coached & motivated, improve your strength & performance, workout with a community of like-minded individuals – then CrossFit Everett might just be for you. It’s a place to bring your friends and family … if they’re CrossFit material.


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