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National Sit On Your Ass Day

September 30, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you know that today is National Sit On Your Ass Day?  Yeah, well, neither did I until it was too late … wouldn’t have raked leaves & shampooed the carpet if I’d known! Anyway, figured I should dedicate a bit of time to doing just that and sharing a couple of videos with you on what is CrossFit?

I always keep an eye peeled for things I can share with my non-CF friends to maybe bring them over to the ‘dark side’, after all many think I belong to a cult …

The first one speaks to community and to what practicing CrossFit brings to the individuals who take it on and was made by ESPN – you might have seen bits of it during their 30 second commercials of the CrossFit games this month. Many of the descriptions I’ve heard and experienced at our box, how about you?



The second is a quick 30+ seconds that I’ve shared with a few friends after I’ve described why CrossFit is such a mix of movements (the ‘constantly varied’ is what stumps the Yoga & Zumba crowd!).


The last video is one of my favorites as my definition of beauty & strength have changed so much since I’ve been at CFE, I’m sure your interpretation of those two words has changed during your time, too.




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