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The Only Way to Grow Is Through Failure …

Failure can make you question your skills, abilities or your sanity. It can rock you, causing you to quit something you once enjoyed, were challenged by or looked forward to. There is nothing wrong with being afraid as long as you don’t let it stop you from doing what excites you or gives you satisfaction or pride. Most of us assume that brave people are fearless, but the truth is that they are simply more comfortable with fear and failure because they face it on a regular basis.

I enjoyed this article by CrossFit by BodyFit as it has a number of points we’ve all experienced as we fail to get better. See what you think …

I think Blair Morrison said it best, “Anybody has the potential to feel comfortable here, it’s just are they willing to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to get help and fail? You have to fail. You have to be willing to fail in order to get better. Physiologically your body can not make an adaptation, or basically get better or stronger or faster or anything unless it is shown the need to do so. The way you show your body the need to improve, is by asking it to do more than it can… you can’t get better without failure.”

See, it’s ok to fail. It happens to everyone, if you meet someone who tells you that they have never walked out of a CrossFit gym thinking ‘what the hell is my problem? I can do that, I have done it before.’ I will be the first to bet you $100 they are lying. You have hit a 95 pound snatch before and confident you can do it again, maybe even set a personal record (PR), by slapping 100 pounds on that bar. You feel great, you’ve got this. But, sometimes that cold steel bar has a different agenda. It’s almost as if the bar can feel your ego as you approach it. ‘Oh you think you’re a bad ass, huh? Let me help you out with that.’ You walk away from the bar shaking your head after only being able to snatch 90 pounds this time, 5 pounds less then you are used to, you have been defeated. I swear sometimes it feels like the bar is laughing at me while I’m mumbling profanities under my breath.

Heck I’ve even cried, I’ll admit it, last year we were all doing the qualifying workouts for the OC Throwdown. The workout was an AMRAP, it started with double unders, and then box jump and the round finished with push press. At the sound of 3…2…1…Go! I picked up my rope and began my double unders but, for some reason my rope was all out of them that day, I was only getting 2 or 3 at a time, I was beyond frustrated. Finally I threw my rope down and moved onto the box jumps. A movement I was very comfortable with and I was able to start regaining some confidence in this WOD. I moved onto the push press, I picked up the bar and pressed it over my head, once and then twice but on that third press I forgot to move my face out of the way. The bar smacked me in the chin I dropped the bar and spit out a piece of my tooth. Yep, I chipped my tooth. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes every time I brought that bar back down to my chest. Finally, Kevin yelled, “TIME!” I again, dropped my bar and made a beeline for the bathroom. I sat there for a few minutes and cried. I was embarrassed by my performance and so unbelievably frustrated with myself for failing so miserably at something I shouldn’t have. I was dreading walking out of that bathroom to face the trainers, with my eyes red and swollen there was no way I was going to hide that I was upset. It quickly turned into a joke as Kevin and Steven started searching the ground for my tooth. I can look back at it now and laugh, it is usually the story I offer up to others when they are having a hard time accepting that failing is OK. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s part of the progress.

I’ve always talked about how much I appreciate CrossFit being an escape, how I can walk in on a bad day mentally beat up and walk out feeling accomplished and determined. There are days when it is just the opposite, you walk in feeling great and walk back out thinking, this is stupid, I hate CrossFit. But the key is you come back. You fight to get better while anxiously waiting for the next time you get to attempt that lift, the bar may have won that battle but it was not going to win the war.

Everyone needs to be humbled at times; you don’t fail because you suck or because you are weak. But, maybe you have been training for the past 6 days straight and you failing on a lift or not getting a PR on one of your benchmarks is just a way for your body to say ‘hey! I’m tired!’ Never forget to listen to your body, if you listen and treat it right it will reward you. Maybe it’s just your technique. Yes, you got a 250 pound dead lift but it was ugly and hard, you fought like crazy for every last inch of that hip extension, with a rounded back and shoulders, maybe even bouncing the bar up your thighs. I’m guilty of that, that’s for sure. So now what? I know I have more, I want more. Technique is not only for your safety but also for efficiency. Something that helps me tremendously is dropping some weight off the bar, ten or twenty pounds maybe even more, get that form and technique dialed in and get to the point that the movement feels like second nature, then continue to add the pounds back on the bar.



CrossFit just like life, is going to knock you down but you have to get back up.

Better, faster and stronger.

See you in the box!!

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