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I have come to the determination that when you find community – you should savor every single moment of it.

  • Is it worth it to have different work hours so your commute time is cut in half and you can spend more time with family & friends?
  • Is a job of lower pay o.k. so you can stay in a particular city/town?
  • Would you drive a bit further to go to a particular gym because you enjoy the people, the atmosphere and your committment?

Sometimes in life, it means going a little bit out of your way to forge connections that will stand the test of time.

Really, when you think about our lives, it’s these things, which are the relationships to people that are the highest value.


  • People who will laugh with you, who ‘get’ you and most of all will cheer you on and support you.
  • These are the people who can see you at your worst and still choose to see the great in you.
  • They are the people with whom you can be vulnerable and exposed – because really, it’s a rare commodity in these days.


In our classes at CrossFit Everett, you have that opportunity – to open up a little, to share, to be yourself and to form your own community. One that will embrace you for who you are as well as who you want to become. One that will challenge, shout & sweat with you.


When you find your people, it becomes easy to create your own place of belonging.

Where you can be at home within yourself.

Where you can be among friends and be yourself.


The CrossFit Everett community, it just may be the best thing you’ve experienced.

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