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!! Tasks To Do !!

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Get those calendars marked – time is running out!

Halloween Party

Quick reminder that this Friday (10/26) is the 3rd Annual CFE Costume Halloween Party. Don’t miss out on the fun, food, music, all starting at 9:00 pm. Check out more details here!


Jump Rope Order

If you want to order an RX Jump rope (check out details & colors here), we need to get at least 10 rope orders to make a group order worth while, so check out the 13 handle colors & get yours ordered before the close of the gym on Saturday (10/27) at Noon!  AND if you already have an RX Rope but the rope is a little dodgy (yeah, you rule breaker, you took it outside & jumped on concrete & asphalt, maybe you jumped in the rain or even tied a knot in it … you know who you are … and the cable cover is damaged) – you can order just a replacement cable for $7.95 and pay  NO shipping by going in on this order.

Food Drive

Don’t forget that there’s a box for food donations to help our neighbors in need through November 15th. The box is by the kettle-bells & what ever non-perishable food items and non-food items you have to donate are appreciated! For more details, click here.



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