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Oh Snap! Jump Rope Redux!

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you thought you missed out on the jump rope order
have been kicking yourself  …

Here’s your second chance!

We’re doing one more shout out for the jump rope order (between the Halloween party prep and the gym closure on Saturday – some of you didn’t get the chance to measure). So if you were thinking you missed out — last chance this year, get it in the next four days!

If you already have one and want a second rope for backup
to use at home, work or leave in your car?

Seen some of the cool colors that are new since our last order
and wish you had that one instead?


Family & friends jealous or borrowing yours?
Get them their own or let them have yours & order yourself a new one!


If you’re interested in getting one for yourself (or a family member or friend), here’s what you need to do:
1 – $34.00 in check or cash – payable to Jesse for each rope
2 – if you don’t remember your size, check in Wednesday thru Saturday (10/31 – 11/3) to get measured 
3 – pick your handle color
..Click HERE to see the 13 colors
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