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Friday 11/30/12

November 30, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
Snatch pulls 3×3 heavy / Clean pulls 3×3 heavy



For Time:  21-15-9


Thrusters (65 lb /95 lb)

Some tips for tackling Fran from our friends at Ultimate Crossfit

Fran is one of the most well known WODS in the CrossFit world.  A simple 21-15-9 couplet that is deceivingly hard – it is no coincidence that she often rears her ugly head in competitions.  Because almost every CrossFitter has completed the infamous WOD, Fran also serves as a marker of individual progress.

Here are some tips on how to improve your Fran time:

1.  Keep pushing. This WOD is meant to be completed in under 10 min (elite athletes will complete in under 3:00), try not to stop moving and don’t try to catch your breath… It won’t happen. Just push through the pain and know that it will be over soon.

2.  Try to do at least the first round unbroken.  If you can’t do the first round of thrusters unbroken at the prescribed weight, scale back to a weight that you can.

3.  Have a game plan. Understand the rep scheme and plan ahead how you want to break things up. The round of 15 tends to be one of the most mentally challenging rounds – be aggressive and stay positive through this one.

4.  Thrusters – keep your core tight and maintain contact with the bar to your chest/shoulders through the front squat portion of the movement. Anytime the bar gets out in front of you, you create additional difficulty and work for yourself- don’t do that!  Fran is hard enough as it is.

5.  If you have butterfly pull ups, use them!

Scale / sub as needed.  Post total rounds to comments.



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