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Get Moving!


Holidays are over as is the Fitness & Diet protection program! Reading the Facebook posts, it looks like some bodies need to get their butts back in the box or hopping back on the Paleo wagon and are making their commitments known. Are you one of them? Good for you!

The daylight is slowly coming back, Spring will be here before we know it (albeit with a snow storm or two before then!) and everybody is going to want to look good & feel good wearing less clothing, hiking, biking or swimming. What you do now totally impacts how you’ll feel about yourself AND what you’ll be able to do then! Keep that in mind and make a commitment to yourself.

Remember that an active lifestyle has a lot of benefits BUT (and there always is one, isn’t there?) certain numbers speak louder than any words.  Check ’em out:

  • Men and women who sit more than 6 hours a day and are physically inactive are 94% and 48% (respectively) more likely to die earlier than their peers who are physically active and spend less than 3 hours a day sitting.
  • About 80% of people will see a doctor at some point of their life because of a back pain. The main cause of back pain is sedentary lifestyle.
  • Exercise and an active lifestyle are as effective in treating depression as drug therapies (the success rate is about 60% for exercise and 65% for drug therapy).

Don’t start the new year with back pain or depression about how you’re going to look this spring.

Get in here & Get going!

See you Monday at the ‘box’!


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