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Seriously, 5:30 am WOD?

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workoutIf you’ve never gotten up early to workout before your school or work day begins (or if you work night shift, this class time may be your end of day!), here are some insights & tips from Joe on how to make that work for you as Joe & Ben are looking for more of their fellow CFE Athletes to join them at the

Monday / Wednesday /  Friday
5:30 AM class

  • .TRY OUT the class, then decide. As a CFE member, you can attend any class at any time – whatever works best for you & your schedule.
  • We have three bathrooms and two with showers, so you can shower & head to work, after your workout!

Q: What is different about that time than any other time? (seriously, are you a real morning person or do you make yourself do it?)

A: I did not start as a morning person. Over the years, I have trained myself to become a morning person.

When I started trying to get fit, I started riding my bike to work. I got used to some physical activity in the early hours. I started hitting a 5:30am spin class twice a week. Then when I started working out everyday, it made the best use of my time to get the gym time out-of-the-way before work.

When I started training a lot, I could lift weights in the morning, and do my running or cardio after work (2 workouts a day, 5 days a week, plus a long run on Saturdays).

The early morning time is time I can spend on myself without sacrificing my family. And seriously, it’s a cool time to work out. I like running in the dark. I like being out in the world when no one is around. The streets are deserted, the gym isn’t crowded, and I haven’t yet experienced the troubles and pressures and issues of the day.

Working out in the morning makes my whole day easier.

Q: What is challenging about that time for working out?

A: Challenge? Just making the decision, once, that I am going to do it. That was the tough part. Then once I made the commitment, the rest was easy.

Every night, I lay out the clothes, and set the alarm.

Get up and Do It. Repeat.

Q: What tips would you have for your fellow CFE’er’s who were thinking about it?

A: All it takes is discipline. Set a goal, and do it. Follow through on what you say you will do, and be proud of yourself for it.

It’s not easy to do the 4:30pm WOD on Tues/Thurs, then show up the next morning at 5:30am. But doing it the hard way makes you appreciate what you have done. I do it, and I feel better for it.

I get up at 4:50am, dress, drive, then sit in front of the gym for 10 minutes waiting for Jesse to show up. I sometimes succumb to the siren call of a pre-work out stimulant drink. I like NoXplode, C4 Extreme, Scream, and especially PRE (like caffeine kool-aid with a pepper spray chaser), and I am willing to share.

WOD like hell. Then I go home, shower, and head to work.

On days the schedule was tight, I have showered at CFE and gone straight to work.

It’s an easy time for a parent to break free – leave everyone else at home asleep and get your WOD on. It’s a personal sacrifice that is worth it to me.

Plus, after a tough WOD, for the rest of the day there is nothing my job can throw at me that I can’t handle.

So my fellow peeps & athletes, has Joe convinced you to give it a try?
Seriously, what do you have to lose by checking it out?
Try it once to give Joe & Ben a hard time!

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