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20 Confessions of CrossFitters

February 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

A little bit of humor to start your day from AnnaLee at CrossFit Obsessed


Yes, that’s confessions of CrossFitters. Plural. Don’t even pretend you can’t relate to this:

1. I sometimes skip rest days because the WOD looks like too much fun to miss;

2. I’m putting some serious thought into the outfit of my superhero alter ego;

3. I’ve gotten up at 5am to do a 7 minute work out;

4. When I drop things on the floor, I pick them up with flawless form: breaking parallel, knees out, weight on my heels;

5. I’ve eyed up my shower railing wondering if it would hold a kip;

6. Whenever I see heavy things I think about how I could get it up over my head in one explosive movement;

7. I’ve left work early under the guise of a doctor’s appointment in order to CrossFit…on more than one occasion;

8. I’ve googled nearby CrossFit affiliates on my vacation;

9. I browse t-shirts with CrossFit slogans online;

10. I laugh out loud at some of the t-shirts with CrossFit slogans online;

11. I wish I had a different color pair of nanos for every day of the week;

12. I’ve felt an instant connection to a complete stranger walking down the street because they were wearing a CrossFit t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing mine. Cringe;

13. My outfit decisions are totally dependent on the color of my shins/shoulders/chest on any given day;

14. I believe that active rest can = WOD. The clue is in the name. Active rest;

15. I welcome all comparisons to beasts/animals/machines/monsters/hero’s;

16. I make fun of people who work out on elliptical machines;

17. I used to work out on elliptical machines;

18. I don’t dream about bacon. Shoot me;

19. I want to be the best, but by no means do I think I’m the best;

20. Some days I feel like I might turned into a boiled egg. (White, of course).

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