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Gawk. Learn a thing (or two.) Yoga.

cfYoga – ever thought about trying it?  Do you know that many other CrossFit boxes offer yoga classes as they are a great compliment to CrossFit workouts?

Besides being a great change of pace, practicing yoga helps create a strong, flexible back, increases your range of motion, and increasing flexibility in your chest, shoulders (hello overhead work), improving wrist and grip strength, and hip opening – think flexibility, pain prevention, better breathing techniques. At the same time it will help reduce stress, calm the mind and release your body.

Mobility and flexibility are heavily emphasized, with a strong focus on core strength for stability and balance. Seeing as how CrossFit recommends 3 days on and 1 day off, your rest day could be perfect for practicing yoga!

Want to give it a try now?

  • 1st Class is SundayApril 7th
  • at 3:00 pm @ CrossFit Everett (approximately 1 hour in length)
  • cost is free to CFE members
  • if you have them, bring a mat/ block / strap / small towel

Theresa Costanzo(you may know her as Joe’s better half!) will be teaching the Viniyoga class which is about function over form and adaptation of poses to benefit the individual practitioner, so what that really means is that you don’t have to be flexible or strong, there is a way to make every pose available to you … kind of like scaling a WOD.

Theresa is working toward a 200 hour Yoga Teachers Certificate through Yoga Alliance at Whole Life Yoga in Greenwood and plans to offer the class at least until she graduates in July. So get moving & come on in Sunday @3 pm to check it out!

Still not sure?  Check out:

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