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Yoga, Yoga, Yoga – Sunday!

If you didn’t make it to last Sunday’s first Yoga class at CFE, this Sunday (4/14) at 3:00 pm is another chance to check it out @ CrossFit Everett. More than 18 members attended last Sunday and had a great time. You can do this same this Sunday as classes are free for CFE members and are taught by Theresa Costanzo.

Viniyoga is about function over form and adaptation of poses to benefit the individual practitioner, so you don’t have to be flexible or strong, there is a way to make every pose available to you, sounds a lot like scaling a WOD, doesn’t it?

Bring a mat, a small towel & water.


Yoga and CrossFit are seemingly polar opposites: one involves holding postures through a relaxed state, while the other entails heavy lifts with fast-paced, vigorous movements. Yet Brown says he believes it is precisely this difference that propelled him to bring yoga to his affiliate.

“By incorporating the yoga sessions with the daily workout, it allows for that balance of the yin and yang,” he explains. “CrossFit requires a lot of energy and spikes adrenaline. On the flip side, yoga requires you to regulate the breathing and calms things down.”

“I felt that I needed to work on my flexibility and after a couple of sessions I definitely noticed a difference when moving through the various CrossFit movements,” Saboune says. “I am getting into positions I never thought possible, both in yoga and CrossFit.”

“You don’t realize that flexibility is important in some of the (CrossFit) workouts until you do yoga.”

— CrossFit Journal
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