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Beyond the What?

We make a lot of small choices everyday that have a big effect on our health and fitness.

Beyond The Whiteboard is a cool workout tracking tool where you will be able to track and record everything from workout results and personal records, to meals and body composition.  Once you set get set up with an account, you will be able to view the WOD for the day, track your workout results, PRs on the benchmark Crossfit workouts and lifts, your meals, body composition and sleep, and much more.

When you use this website, you can post results for every CrossFit workout you do, track meals, body fat, benchmarks and more. We have a number of members already using it and you may have seen their posts via Facebook (and you can access your BTWB account via your Android or iPhone, too.). There are privacy settings within the application and it’s up to you as to how much of the software you use (you don’t have to track meals or weight) and how much you choose to share (just with yourself or just with our gym or with everyone) – no pressure, just a one stop app to record your times, benchmarks, etc. The site has online videos to explain the various functions & features, nice.  If you aren’t already tracking, try it out, after all BeyondTheWhiteboard.com is the most used on-line CrossFit Log. The goal of the web site’s software is simple – to help you make better choices outside of the gym that will ultimately improve your performance inside of the gym.
Want to give it a try? To create a FREE Beyond the Whiteboard Account as part of your CFE membership, send Jesse an email (CrossFitEverett at Gmail.com) so he can sign you up and send you a return invitation to join via email – quick & easy!
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