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What If It’s Perfect?


from our friends at Rainier CrossFit, a few thoughts on pursuing technique …


We say it a lot: PR’s are usually ugly.

The “technique vs. intensity” debate rages on in the CrossFit world, with many believing they are at odds with each other. The argument is that at the extreme end of the intensity continuum, technique goes out the window. The flip side: if technique never breaks down it’s because you’re not pushing at the edges of intensity. Some argue that gain is made only when you push at the edges of your technique AND intensity.

We were talking about this yesterday and how it relates to the older athlete, injury, recovery time, and that feeling of shoulda-woulda-coulda as you leave the gym.

We’re an “older” CrossFit gym. The median age of our members is in the mid to late 30’s.  We’re not a gym full of 20 year olds who are invincible. (We have a couple of them, just like we have a couple septuagenarians.)

For whatever reason may motivate you, can you still make gains if you never let your technique fail, not even a little bit?

I dropped a deadlift yesterday, 50 pounds below my max, because I felt my back round. I probably could have picked it up, but knowing that I have to be able to function pain free for the next few days and that I have a history of low back “issues” and it was low-motivation-Thursday I let it go. Literally and figuratively. I didn’t beat myself up over a poor performance. I got some work done and I live to lift another day, pain free. A win in my book.

Does that make me a pansy? Someone who  lacks the drive to be a “wodkilla” everyday in the gym? Be better than yesterday, your workout is my warm up– I haven’t blown my WOD today and I’m not “proven”.

Guess what. I’m OK with that. and I still make gains. They’re slow, but so am I some days. My back is flat, always, and I’m OK with that.

You CAN be a “technique nazi” and still get fitter.  It may just take a little longer.

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