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So The Paleo Diet Is Just for Weight Loss, Right?

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There are some who think that the Paleo diet is just that, a “diet”, a way to lose weight. Did you know that there are a number of professional athletes that follow the Paleo diet, not to lose weight but to maximize their performance?

From Stay Fit Central, some great reasons to follow Paleo and a few of the athletes who follow Paleo and why (check out their article for full details here)


These men and women represent pretty much every type of sport there is and show that following the principles of the Paleo diet can help you build a leaner, stronger, faster body and become a champion. Some are more strict about it than others but all of them use its principles successfully.

Why The Paleo Diet Is Great For Athletes & Building A Better Body

  • Eating Paleo reduces inflammation so you recover faster.
  • Athletes who eat Paleo often report that their joints and muscles are less sore after a hard workout or competition.
  • Using your own body fat reserves for energy enables you to train and compete harder, longer than a high carbohydrate diet.
  • You will get all of the protein and amino acids your body needs to build muscle and get stronger.
  • Eating Paleo may help boost the production of key muscle building and fat burning hormones in our body including growth hormone and testosterone.
  • When you’re eating this way and using fat for your fuel you don’t have to worry about drinking lots of fat storing sugar-based drinks before, during, and after your workout for energy and recovery.
  • Once you’re body adapts to the diet, you will have more energy and greater ability to focus on putting 100% into every workout and match you play.


Some names you might know …

  1. Amanda Beard – 7 Time Olympic Medalist In Swimming
  2. Apolo Ohno – 8 Time Olympic Medalist In Speedskating
  3. Bethanie Mattek-Sands – Professional Tennis Player
  4. Brendan Steele – Pro Golfer
  5. Eva Twardokens – Olympic Skier
  6. Frank Mir – MMA Fighter
  7. Hunter Pence – Professional Baseball/SF Giants
  8. Grant Hill – NBA All-Star & Olympic Gold Medalist
  9. John Welbourn – 10 Year Veteran Of The NFL

and more by checking out the whole article here


Don’t forget, the Paleo Challenge seminar this Saturday at 1:00 pm at CrossFit Everett, where you can ‘learn all about it’!


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