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Week 2 Pale Challenge & We’ve Got a Winner for Week 1!

And now for the Second Weeks Paleo Challenge:

This weeks challenge is a simple one, and a way to get your questions answered, too! CFE’s own Brittney Gaethle is going to hold a short nutrition seminar at CrossFit Everett this Saturday, 10/6 from 2-3pm. She will talk more about the scientific aspects of paleo, some about what zone paleo is, and will have a question and answer time.

Everyone who attends the seminar will get¬†2 points for their weekly log total, and everyone who attends will be entered into a drawing for this week’s prize:

  • a bottle of avocado oil (fabulous for cooking and making paleo mayonnaise) and
  • a $20 gift card to Trader Joes.

There will be two winners, so come on down, get your questions answered, and learn a little bit more about paleo!

Last week’s challenge was for a 15 minute paleo meal and the winner is Jessi Salmela of CFE, with her Pesto Shrimp & Garlic Broccoli with Almonds. Her recipe will be featured on the CFE website on Thursday, so be looking for that!

Honorable mentions go to Karen Christensen and Brandi Wentz, whose recipes will be featured in the upcoming weeks.

Congratulations Jessi, we will get your cookbook to you as soon as possible, and happy paleo-ing!


Great job this week to everyone for supporting each other and keeping it Paleo!


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