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I’ll Show you Good Form – SQUAT!!

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Squats promote a stronger core, develop your lower body strength and did you know that the ‘lowly’ squat uses around 75% of your body’s muscles? And it also activates some of the biggest muscles – quadriceps, gluteus maximus and hamstrings.

The squat is truly the basis for an almost endless list of movements – Clean, Power Clean, Snatch, Power Snatch, Jerk, Push Press, Kettlebell Swing, as well as Thrusters. From the folks at PFit blog – some good tips on squats (can YOU tap your toes while in the down position?)


10 Common Mistakes For Air Squats:


Poor Technique Air Squats

1. Knees go over toes
2. Butt is tucked under – dropping down, not sitting back
3. Shoulders are rounded
4. Back is rounded
5. Body leans forward, bending at the hips
6. Head is down, instead of looking straight ahead
7. Weight is on the balls of the feet
8. Heels lift up as the body lowers into the deepest position
9. Squat is too shallow
10. Exercise is done too slow


7 Tips For Great Air Squats:


Air Squats

  1. Each squat is nice and deep, with your butt dropping below the knees
  2. Hips stay open, body stays vertical (not bending at the hips)
  3. Butt sits backward, back is straight, shoulders are rolled back (not rounded forward)
  4. If you lean forward, or posture struggles, raise hands overhead to improve form
  5. Knees are not over the toes. If they are, use a chair to reference where your bottom “sits”. Your bottom should not sit down, but sit back as you lower, as if sitting or touching a chair. Stretch arms forward to help balance issues.
  6. Weight remains on the heels and not on the toes (Test: can you tap your toes while in the down position?) If you struggle with this. Squat down all the way down, like a baby on the beach playing in the sand). Settle in and stay there until you can shift your weight on your heels, open your hips, spread your knees out and get the feeling of where you need to be in that downward position. Once you feel this, and understand how to balance your weight in that position, you should be able to repeat it as you do the air squat.
  7. Pace is FAST and FLUID


How’s Your Squat Now?


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