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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

AND we have our WINNERS for the 45 day Paleo Challenge!!



1st Place: Juliet Thomas of The Compound
2nd Place: Jessi Salmela of CrossFit Everett
3rd Place: Brandi Klentz of CrossFit Everett


“I plan on aging gracefully. I truly believe my way of accomplishing this is by eating healthy, continuing CrossFit workouts at least three times a week and staying positive.”
-Juliet Thomas



1st Place: Tol McAleese of CrossFit Everett
2nd Place: Kevin Sylvester of CrossFit Everett
3rd Place: William Carroll of CrossFit Everett


“I did the bod pod composition test on Wednesday and over a 40 day period I lost 18 lbs of fat. Because of this contest I have completely altered how I eat and train. This was the push I really needed. Paleo is how I eat from now on.”
-Tol McAleese



CrossFit Everett with a group total of 4.56% of total weight lost (135.8 total pounds) and 5.87% of total inches lost (116.5 total inches)!


Individuals were scored based on their:

  • total food log points
  • percentage of weight lost
  • percentage of inches lost
  • and percentage of baseline time decrease

Honorable mention to Caitlin McLellan and Adele Wilson for a greater than 28% improvement in their baseline times – that is amazing!

Honorable mention as well to Adele Wilson and Roberta Braaten who (outside of the winning participants) had the highest points value for their food logs – excellent job putting your understanding of paleo eating into play!


Congratulations All!



  • First place winners in the individual category will receive $300 each,
  • Second place winners will each receive $75
  • Third place winners will receive $50

Cash prizes can be picked up at the gym starting Wednesday.

The 14 CrossFit Everett participants who completed the paleo challenge will receive a t-shirt – please send your t-shirt size to paleochallenge@crossfiteverett.com.


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