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Opportunity to “Judge”

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If you’ve been to any CrossFit event or watched the Games on TV, you know the participants are held accountable by a skilled team of judges and that the quality of the judging is in direct correlation with the quality of the competition. This requires knowledgeable, committed, hard-working, bold, leaders who love CrossFit, the sport of fitness, and what better place to find them? Oh yeah – I hear your name being called!

Local’s gym in Lynnwood, where Cretus Ex Duellum: Born From Battle is being held – January 24, 25, 26, is looking for judges (time to plan – it’s two months away!). This is a no-holds barred CrossFit Competition for Open, Masters, Teams and FireBreathers and it is one HELL of an event to watch from the spectator seats – been there, done that, can’t wait for January!

The Local’s Team captains, who have plenty of judging experience,will be leading mandatory training sessions on Sunday, December 1st @ 5:30 pm AND Sunday, December 29th @ 5:30 pm AND Sunday, January 19th @ 5:30 pm (you need to be able to attend all the training sessions).

What makes up a good judge?

  • A good judge is VOCAL
  • A good judge is ASSERTIVE
  • A good judge is ACCURATE
  • A good judge is DECISIVE
  • A good judge is UNBIASED

If that sounds like you, then know you will receive 3 training sessions, where you will learn how to greet an athlete, how to prep to them on expectations prior to the workout, where to stand to judge properly, how to no-rep them, how to count for them, how to be consistent and confident. In training you will also talk movement standards, common faults, what’s expected, as well as discussion on the flow of each event, movement standards, and what judges should look for.

If you would like to be considered as part of the team of judges AND:

  • you can attend the THREE training classes
  • are available on January 24, 25, 26 to judge

Sign up via the event’s Facebook page (or https://www.facebook.com/CretusExDuellum?ref=ts&fref=ts if the link doesn’t work for you). You’ll be in good company! Ken Andreason, Scott Lang and Joe will be there ..

If you’re not participating in the event and not interested in judging, please use this as a “save the date” and consider attending some part, if not all, of that weekend to support the CFE athletes that will be competing – be on the lookout for Tracy Ozanich Olund who’s signed up as a competitor – can I get a “hell yeah!”? Anyone else signed up yet?? Tony??  You can sign up as a competitor here.

If you are not sure about being a judge, talk with Joe Costanzo as he judged last year and is doing it again this year!

Per Joe “Free t-shirt, free paleo meals, and the chance to learn more about movement standards and judging. Seriously, this experience will make you a better athlete and teach you to perform to higher standards.

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