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What Cha Doin’?


A post from another box got me thinking that yes, we should all be excited to get back into the gym and kick off 2014 CrossFit style! But … somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Years, we end up with a lot of ‘breaks‘ from our regular routines – some wonderfully crazy food, time off from work, lots of family & entertainment, maybe some travel and sleep deprivation, too!

As we used this time to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, we probably ate a lot differently and skipped more than a few workouts. So, as you get ready to start this week, remember there are different levels of ‘taking a break.’

  • Some of you worked out 75% of the time, some 50% of the time and some of you didn’t work out at all.
  • Some of you chose to eat clean and stay hydrated over the break while others indulged and added in a few more cocktails than usual.

We don’t care if you skipped the past month (or couple of months!) or if your workout clothes need to be ‘dusted off’ and the waistband ‘let out’, we’re starting out Monday knowing that you are READY to get back in the gym and we are ready for you!

Be sure to use caution and intelligence when approaching the 1st week or two of programs if you’ve taken time off. All of the coaches can help you scale ANY WOD in order to get you back  safely and ensure that you to have a successful comeback. Don’t let indulgences or time off stop you from getting back to it.

You are awesome and we will see you tomorrow!!


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