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Who ARE You?

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Lots of debates on what makes CrossFit different, is it:

  • scale-able so all levels can participate?
  • high intensity?
  • constantly varied workouts?
  • functional movements?
  • clean eating / Paleo?


… to me, the heart of what makes CrossFit different comes down to three things:

  1. it is a lifestyle
  2. it is a choice
  3. it is a community.


Our box is not just a pretty face – even though we have a great space with windows, big views and primo equipment. Our box is defined by the people – our coaches and your fellow athletes, who make our gym feel more like a community and something totally different than any other gym you’ve probably been to.

We who CrossFit see ourselves a little bit differently (whether you’ve been at our box for years or just started yesterday, you are one of us!).

  • We see the bits of greatness in ourselves and our fellow athletes and look to making the ultimate investment, that of our health & well-being.
  • We work on technique, we work on skill and we never stop improving – we work to be a better version of the person who first walked through that door.
  • We don’t see age or level of fitness as prerequisites to participation, we see a community that moves and encourages all levels of athletes.
  • We see strength, but we don’t judge our fellow athletes by ‘how much stronger’ we are than them or how many more pull-ups they can do than we can – I don’t know of anyone at our box that comes to show off how amazing they are.
  • We know everyone has their own ‘goats’ and walls to push through, each different yet we each desire to see everyone succeed and we do this best through motivation and encouragement.


Our box is one of positive atmosphere, good rapport amongst our members, where you feel welcomed, no matter how long your tenure, where you can feel accomplished when you leave each class.

  • For those of you who have been a member for a while, take a minute to reach out and exchange names or compliment a new member on their workout efforts – be the reason they choose to stay at CFE – make a point of knowing their name or their struggle and cheer ’em on!
  • For those who are new to our box, introduce yourself, ask any of your fellow athletes how to load a bar or why they’re wearing those ‘funny shoes’ – you will always find athletes who will raise your spirits and give you confidence. Let someone know you’re new (instead of many of us who assume you’re from another class!) so you can be welcomed.



CrossFit Everett has an environment you can’t get away from, yes, you too, can drink the Kool-aid – good friendships, tight-knit community of like-minded athletes who hold you accountable (from time to legit reps to weights) – it’s a whole lot like Hotel California
you can checkout any time you want, but you can never leave” … just ask me …


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