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How Did It Get So Late, So Soon?

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It’s time for another LISTEN UP since Jesse’s notion that additional Burpees fix EVERYTHING is still in motion. Scared you yet?


Here we go on topic #3 – Be on Time and treat your Coaches & fellow athletes how you’d like to be treated!


As we continue to grow, we need to hold our start/finish times tight so everyone gets a full-hour of coaching. With the classes running back to back, here are some ways you can help us help you.

ALL classes warm up as a group. The warm-up is preparation for the WOD ahead and time to work on important skill movements. Without a good warm-up, your chance of injury increases exponentially.


If you show up:
  • Early
    You have options such as: start stretching or foam rolling, catch-up with your class mates or work on your strategy for the WOD that you are about to tackle.
    If you want to stretch out or foam roll before your class please run or row to get the blood pumping, but keep in mind that you will be repeating the run or row at the start of your class time.
    If you come early, you do not get to start class early – whether it’s running the block or rowing – unless you want to repeat that same warm-up when the class starts. Starting early distracts the coaches attention from the class that’s wrapping up, puts your fellow athletes behind and short changes them of their warm up time, it’s a matter of fairness to everyone when it comes to time and training.
  • On-Time
    If you are in the 3:30pm class for example – you need to show up a few minutes before 3:30 and be ready to hit the class warm up promptly at 3:30. If you need to change clothes, foam roller / stretch out, be early enough to allow enough time to get that done.
  • Late
    It’s a fact of life that family/kids, job/school, etc. can make you late at times which means you’ll need to either fall in with the class wherever it’s at or it’s always your option to wait for the next class, too. Showing up habitually late cheats you out of a sufficient warm-up and it disrupts the group since classes do not wait.


Be respectful of your fellow athletes

  • If you show up early or stay after class to practice a skill, there may be days when that will not be possible.
  • If the class before or after you is using the cage, rings, bars or the boxes for that day’s WOD – please don’t take / use the equipment or get in the way of an ongoing class in order to practice your skill.
  • When you stay out of their way, you’re giving them the full class experience and showing them the respect that they deserve.

Be respectful of our Coach’s time and attention

  • When a class is in session, that coach is training, correcting and watching those athletes as well as being responsible for their safety.
  • They need to keep their attention on that class and it’s not fair to the athletes who are in the class or to the coaches to be distracted with interruptions or questions about the WOD or other topics.
  • If you are not part of the class currently in session, remember that there’s plenty of time for questions, jokes and stories within your allotted class time.
If you have any issues or comments on anything above, please talk with Jesse.


We work everyday to make CrossFit Everett as efficient as possible, giving YOU the value and attention you need and to treat everyone with the consideration, respect and time that they deserve. Please treat your coaches and fellow athletes the same, thank you!
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