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14.3 Open Workout

First and for most I do not hate the movements, I hate this workout…
You trust and rely on us to keep you progressing, helping you become fit and in the process, improving your quality of life. Longevity plays a big part in that equation and for many, striving for a higher score on this specific workout is not taking any of that into account.

This workout has a very high chance of injuring you, our athletes. I know that 95% of the athletes at CrossFit Everett can dead lift correctly in a controlled environment, but this workout is not a controlled environment and most of our athlete’s have no business doing a workout like this. As we saw in the announcement workout last night from Stacie Tovar and Alessandra Pichelli – who are elite level athletes – your form can and will go to shit in a hurry if you are not careful.

It is our responsibility as athletes/trainers to set and follow the standard. Let’s be smart about this and not attempt anything out of the confines of safety. The risk of an injury is not worth the reward of a better score. All of our coaches will be watching everyone’s technique and making sure that everyone is doing this workout as safely as possible. If at anytime ANYONE fails to maintain proper form and technique and puts themselves at risk, I will step in and stop you.

In the end it is personal accountability that will get you through this workout uninjured, because only you can keep your back flat and maintain spinal integrity. I will not risk your safety and if you have a problem with that, you are more than welcome to find another “gym” where you can perform this workout.

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