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and the Open is Closed!


A HUGE thank you from all of us to all of you and everyone who not only took part in today’s and this years Open but also to those athletes who kindly helped judge. It was awesome that so many judged and came early or stayed after their heat to cheer everyone else on.


Favorite pictures from today

The Superheros – Chris, Ken & Heather, who all WOD’ded in their capes … oh, but Chris’s came off mid WOD (trust me, it was to be expected as was Andy, Tony & Alex and a few others …)





Jesse, who brought his leaf blower to dry the floor faster after mopping up the sweat between heats, giving an official dry off to Jessie (and Tony ..)



Favorite comments

Tracy – “The 2014 CrossFit Open has finished!!! I cannot begin to thank everyone for their continued support through these last 5 weeks. Everyone of us has pushed ourselves to the next level both mentally and physically. No matter what your time was, how much weight you lifted or how many reps you did. We did this together! I love you all!!!!”

Tommy – “As far as I am concerned its officially one of the two hardest physical tasks I have ever completed. I consider myself in better physical condition than when I finished Basic Training & AIT about 30 years ago”

Scott – “And with that, I’m done with the 2014 Crossfit Open! It was fun, and challenging. And I really hate burpees.”



Watch our Facebook page for more photos of today’s rounds!


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