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For Mother’s Day …


“Every woman should remember that one day her sweet daughter will follow her example instead of her advice” – David Acosta, CrossFit Mexicali, Mexico


Couldn’t resist the laughs that came from Robin Blackburn of  WOD talk … as she talks about raising kids & CrossFit.

For all our Moms …


When you are raising boys, life is never dull. There is the never ending stream of Legos to be stepped on, sports events to attend, meals to be cooked, wounds to be bandaged and some fantastic conversations to both listen to and engage in. I’m a mom raising two such boys, Caleb, 9 years old, and Grayson, 7 years old.

I often forget what sponges children are at times, Yes, I know they pick up things quickly at school like math, reading, and the curse words that the 5th grade students teach them. But, they also learn a lot from me. (Okay, I’ll ‘fess up – they may have learned a few of those not so nice words from their mom.) So, when I started Crossfit a little over 6 months ago, my kids also became knowledgeable about the world of CrossFit. They learned as I learned. CrossFit has become a regular part of our daily conversation. And more often than not, what they have to say about CrossFit just makes me laugh. Here’s a few of my favorites in recent months:

  1. “Mom! You better leave for WOD RIGHT NOW!!! You know that every minute late means 10 burpees and you HATE burpees.”
    This is said practically every morning at my house. They’ve usually finished with breakfast and are checking the clock to make sure mom doesn’t have to do any extra burpees because when momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy – and extra burpees don’t make me happy. (I really should thank them for this more often.)
  2. “Mom, we had to do a “squat test” in PE. But, our butt didn’t have to go below parallel. I told our teacher that it doesn’t really count if my butt doesn’t go below parallel.”
    Ah yes, even at the ripe old age of 9 he can quickly create additional CrossFit haters in one fell swoop. I’m sure I’ll hear about this one at teacher conferences.
  3. “According to Facebook, the WOD is Karen. Is that wall balls or snatches?”
    Yes, my children know the names of “The Girls” and the different movements associated with them. I’m not sure if I should be more concerned that they know about Karen and Isabel, that they know what the heck a snatch is or that they’re reading my Facebook!
  4. “Why do all the guys at the box take their shirts off? Can I take my shirt off?”
    often come to the box with me and they take note of everything – including who takes off their shirt during the WOD. I explained that the men at the box work hard, get sweaty and take their shirts off. This has led to my boys disrobing any time they get the least bit sweaty and often at times that are not the most appropriate. I will have to implement a “Shirts Off Only At The Box” rule.
  5. “WOW! He rocked through those toes to bar, but really got slowed down by the thrusters today.”
    I’m sorry my fellow CrossFitters, but my kids really do watch every move you make. If you’d like to come to dinner after WOD, they will be quick to tell you what you did fabulously that day and where you can improve.
  6. “Can you set us up a 10 minute AMRAP today?”
    Rainy days at our house often involve AMRAPs, WODs and Reps. The kids love to run, squat and even do burpees willingly. Oh, to be a kid again and not know how evil burpees truly are.
  7. “I was watching ESPN this morning and saw that they’re replaying the Crossfit Games. Can we record it?”
    Nothing like some quality mommy-kiddo bonding while watching a replay of the games. They are particularly fond of the handstand walks and rope climbs.
  8. “Can Santa bring us a rower for Christmas?”
    We have a spare room full of equipment – dumbbells, bars, jump ropes, all sorts of stuff. But, no rower. And, while we thought we were on the “nice list” this year, alas, no rower arrived.
  9. “MOM! Beer is not Paleo.”
    Oh, kids! Be quiet! (I guess I should be thankful they didn’t see that slice of bread slathered in peanut butter that I wolfed down at lunch time.)
  10. “When I grow up, I want to be Rich Froning.”
    Okay…that one may not be so much funny as true. Afterall, who doesn’t have aspirations of being like Rich Froning when they grow up? I hear this from grown men at the box ALL the time!


There you have it! A few of the crazy Crossfit things that my boys have said recently. I only hope that their current Crossfit curiosity continues and that they come to love going to the box as much as I do.

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