Scott Rodenhizer

We are happy to introduce you to our latest featured athlete, Scott Rodenhizer.  A quick wit, easy to talk with, Scott is well known and enjoyed by his fellow athletes as a great guy to have around. One of his fellow athletes said “I always have fun working out with Scott. I know Scott hates running but that doesn’t stop him from coming in to workout. He put his all into every WOD and always challenge himself to push himself beyond his limits.” With an ever present laugh and smile, encouragement to his fellow athletes, you learn quickly that he’s a firm believer in working hard and being consistent as his progress has shown in so many ways. His gains have been steady on the strength & skill side due to his regular class attendance and his losses have been every bit as abundant, filling out food logs and following the Paleo diet, which has earned him a 34lb weight loss.Working out with Scott (who’s a regular at the 5:30 and 6:30 classes) you know that he’s earned every bit of progress he’s made during his six months in the CFE trenches. Oh, and one other thing — Scott considers himself a ‘nerd’ and made himself a cool little Excel spreadsheet to help him learn the lifts which he will gladly print & share with you – so yet another reason to get to know him!

Q&A with Scott:

What is your Fitness/Athletic background?
Does bowling count? Haha. Through most of my life I have been pretty sedentary. I was that kid that dreaded PE and stood off to the side and talked with his friend while everyone else was playing Basketball. I bowled competitively until I was about 16 but there isn’t too much activity with that. After bowling I took some dance classes (ballet, Jazz, and tap) for a couple years because I was into theatre. I also rowed for semester in college. While all these activities were great I did not have any staying power. Crossfit was pretty foreign to me to say the least.

What changes have you made in your nutrition?
I went paleo the week before I started Crossfit and it was tough. I was the guy that LOVED bread, ranch and cheese. So it was rough. I needed realize that those foods got me to a place where I was unhappy so I needed to make the change. I am an all or nothing kind of guy so paleo was great for me. I had of list of good foods and bad. I just had to stick to them.

What has been the hardest part of these changes?
The hardest part was/is eating out. I love to eat out and so much of my social experience has been going out with friends. It is not ideal to have grilled chicken and salad while your friends are having fried cheese sticks and fries. I had change the way I think about my social time so it does not revolve around food or so I go to places when I have more choices.

How did you find out or learn about Crossfit
I read about crossfit in article which I think was titled “The Cult of Crossfit”. It scared me. There was no way I was going to do that. The people in article actually enjoyed trying to kill themselves. I next stumbled on a youtube video called “Killing the Fat Man”.  A 270lb man was doing crossfit and making amazing progress. I thought if that guy could do so could I. Boy, was I in for surprise!

What do you like most about CrossFit Everett?
The Community. I always thought the articles and things you hear about building community was a bit hokey. It is all true. The reason I continued to come back even after I hurt was because it became a social outing for me. My first day doing Crossfit, a lovely person cheered me on while I was dying during the assessment. At that moment it was the sweetest thing anyone could have done and it has stuck with me. I now try to make sure I meet everyone and give them some encouragement. I want to be that person for someone else.

What advice do you have for others that are looking into CrossFit?
Crossfit can be for anyone you just have to show up and put the work in. It may look scary but you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. Come to the work outs that scare you or you know you’ll hate. That way you feel so much better when you demolish them later. Also on a side note anything can be scaled.

What have you learned about yourself in doing CrossFit?
I’m stronger than I’ve given myself credit for. I was so tentative when I began. Now I feel much more confident. I still struggle but I know where I’m headed. I think in the beginning I was nervous to try now I’m more willing to jump right in. I never thought I could someone who was athletic. I don’t think that I’m there yet but I know I will be some day. 

What are some remaining fitness goals that you have for yourself?
I know we are supposed to say I want to be healthy but to be honest I want to be hot. Plain and simple: It is vanity for me. This is the thinnest and fittest I’ve ever been so I am excited to see where it goes. Also I’d like to do a pull-up with no bands.

 Favorite WOD:
I think it was called Breton. It had bear crawls, burpee long jumps and lunges. It was really hard but I felt so accomplished afterward. I think I’m always chasing that feeling. As far as lifting goes, I know people will laugh but I enjoy snatches. I feel so powerful when I do them. Getting that bar overhead is a frustrating and rewarding experience.

Least Favorite WOD:
Parkcity or the San Francisco thrasher ( I think it was called) Both of them had a lot of running which is torture for me personally. I make myself go to those with running so perhaps I may detest them less. I keep showing up and hoping that one day a light bulb will go off and it won’t be that bad. Not yet but maybe someday.

What do you think about the trainers at CFE?
I feel blessed everyday that I walked into Crossfit Everett when I did. The thing is I know I need a trainer to be there to tell me to go heavier or push harder. Jesse has been great for teaching me the movements and keeping me laughing. Randy is really helpful when I have questions about nutrition and results. Chris is always there to tell me to add more weight or to help me with mobility. The trainers are all amazing and have helped me succeed.



  1. November 12, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I love “does bowling count?” – great job Scott on taking everything (from your weight to your fitness) to the next level – always enjoy talking & working out with you! Congratulations!

  2. GAYL
    November 21, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    We all love you and enjoy working out with you! You are an inspiration to us all. Never stop smiling…you light up a room. Gayl

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