Jessica Ekholm

The plain truth is CrossFit women rock and no one rocks the 2:30 class quite the way that Jessica Ekholm, our next CrossFit Everett Featured Athlete does.  Don’t let the pixie hair cut fool you, you’re saying hello to a woman who is capable of great feats of athleticism, whose beauty is enhanced by her strength, determination and resolve to continually challenge not only herself, but the rest of the 2:30 crew as she keeps the adrenaline rush coming.  When you workout with Jessica, you are with someone who believes what you get out of a WOD is directly proportional to the effort that you put into each and every workout.  Her workout ethic is proof that a positive mind can push your body far beyond everyday limits.

Oh, and if any of your friends or family believe that “lifting weights make women ‘bulk up’”, please show them these pictures of a woman who’s worked out at CFE five days a week for the past eight months… who rocks now? oh yeah .. you do Jessica!

Q&A with Jessica:
What fitness improvements have you experienced as a result of doing Crossfit?
Before Crossfit I was running and lifting weights at the gym and I was always fighting lower back pain and knee problems. After doing Crossfit those pains have gotten so much better, they only start to bug me when my form goes South. My body has made so many changes in the last 8 months doing Crossfit then what I was doing things on my own, it amazes me. Truly addicted here and don’t wanna stop.

What changes have you made in your nutrition program?  What has been the hardest of these changes?
I used to eat like a (pardon me) FATTY!! Fast food all the time, huuuge know the gig. 3 years ago I started slowly to cut out things, learn to eat more often/healthier and not over eat. My best kick was doing a Raw lifestyle where I learned a lot of neat things and now I try to stick to stick to basic Paleo diet to support my Crossfit machine. I still have milk (loooooove it) but only a glass here and there; I limit myself on carbs and grains. I feel my best when I eat clean and I get the most out of my body and recover faster sticking to a Paleo based diet.

What is your favorite lift?
I think that squat cleans are so much fun. When I first started I was terrible at them, complained whenever we had to do them and Jesse would always try to find ways to get me to understand them . Finally they clicked and they are my favorite lift, esp when you add in the super star split jerk at the end.

Favorite WOD?
Crossfit total is I love how you can do all these different lifts for points.

Least favorite WOD?
ANGIE!! She kills me….buuuuuut somedays they all make me cringe and think “holy cow we are doing that?” “We just roasted our shoulders the last 2 days!”

What is your athletic / fitness background?
I always considered myself athletic, but what was I thinking?!!!  I played softball when I was a wee Jess but stuck with basketball all through school. I used to hate running and wasn’t really fond of “working out”, I just loved being competitive and pushing other girls around on the court. O how I wish I could go back now haha.

What advice do you have for others that are looking into Crossfit?
Plain and simple-you don’t know what you are missing until you’ve tried it. Its addicting and you’ll be so happy with how you feel and the results you get not just physically but mentally too. To do Crossfit Wod’s can be such a mental challenge along with the kicking your hiney part too. It makes you dig deep and makes you a stronger person, makes you find the balls you’ve never had. For the ladies…don’t listen to the hype of your gonna bulk up and be manly…So not the truth. If you want definition, to firm up and to lose weight just put on your big girl panties and JUST DO IT.

What do you think about the trainers at CFE?
They are truly inspring and each bring something invigorating to the gym. I love them all and look forward to seeing them. They know how to explain and demonstrate the various techniques which is good because I need a few different manuals to learn how to fully catch onto something. They all push your boundaries and just when you think you can’t do the extra weight or can’t dig any deeper you’ve got Jesse tellin ya “O you can add another 10 on there”…..

What do you like most about CFE?
I love that you never know what you are going to do and who is going to be working out with you. .I love that it keeps me addicted and coming back for more. I’m the type of person where I need to have a variety in my work out regimen so I don’t get bored and there is never a dull moment at our Crossfit gym. Plus I look forward to working out not only because I’m addicted to Crossfit, competitive and need exercise in my life; but its the people. This gym has made me feel so welcomed from the very beginning, even when I was bashful and shy and didn’t want to make a fool of myself trying things I’ve never done before…Everyone pushes each other, makes you laugh and feel right at home. It is definately a community and not just a gym you go to dilly dally for an hour pretending to push weights like sissy la la’s.

  1. December 7, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    “You Go Girl!” is what I’m thinkin’ most every day when I come in for class & see you finishing up the daily WOD – strong and still smiling! Love your humor – I think the balls I never had are in the gym and numbered with a 14!!

  2. Kristal
    February 6, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    YOU’RE DA BOMB.COM GIRL!!! You always push me to work harder and are always so positive and upbeat. Keep up the good work!

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