Everyone needs the basics, taught well, explained clearly, and drilled time and time again in order to gain the benefits that CrossFit provides. What our coaches share is that they are all prepared to fall hopelessly in love with teaching the basics such as the squat and the positive effect that such a mundane, basic movement can have on workouts, performance AND your life – this is what makes our coaches different.


Jesse Thompson, Owner & Coach


Jesse is a lifelong athlete who has poured his energy (and he has a lot of it) into football, hockey, wrestling, weightlifting, snowmobiling, and Crossfitting.  He began Crossfitting in 2008 and quickly became addicted to it.  In addition to his athletic and coaching background, Jesse has obtained training and certifications from some of the best in the Crossfit world:  Crossfit Level 1 with Chris Spealler and many others; Crossfit Nutrition with Robb Wolf; Crossfit Olympic Lifting with Mike Burgener; Crossfit Mobility with Kelly Starrett.  Jesse also holds a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certification from USA Weightlifting.

Brittney Gaethle, Coach


Brittney strives for excellence in her life. Since she could basically walk, she’s been involved in some sort of sport. She played multiple sports throughout high school and went on to play in college as well. It wasn’t until her first CrossFit class, which happened to be at CrossFit Everett, that she felt that spark ignited insider her. Brittney truly believes in CrossFit as she strives to bring a balance of health, nutrition, and fitness to each one of her clients. She emphasizes safety above all. Brittney is a Level 1 certified CrossFit Trainer and a full time Critical Care Registered Nurse with ACLS/BLS Certifications.

“I just love what CrossFit teaches people. Not only does it prepare us physically for the unknown that life throws at us, but it prepares us mentally as well. We all have significant moments in our life and I remember one for me, when I first started CrossFit – I remember looking at every one and thinking ‘how in the hell am I suppose to do that?!’ But through dedication and perseverance I was given the tools to improve with one of my most defining moments being the day that I got my first unassisted pull-up. I still remember vividly that feeling of accomplishment, that I was strong for the first time in my life.

I now have more goals and that is the beauty of CrossFit. The challenge never ceases! New goals are set. So this is my promise to you to give you the same tools that you need to reach your goals, the strong foundation that you can build off of, not only for CrossFit but the rest of your life.”

Chris Preti, Coach


Chris has a sincere passion to progress not only his own fitness but that of all our members. His quiet personality allows him to go almost unnoticed at times, but his encouragement can be heard from the door when it’s called for. He has consistency, enthusiasm and constant progress that he enjoys sharing with his fellow athletes and those he coaches.

“When I was a kid and teenager, I was overweight and out of shape. I think partially because of that, I have been obsessed with strength and fitness for my entire adult life. When I first heard of CrossFit, I was a 24 Hour Fitness member. I was in the gym with bench press and curls, religiously. I thought “CrossFit? That’s for small guys”… My first WOD kicked my butt and I’ve never looked back. I’ve now spent the last 2 years diving in with both feet. I have found a new obsession.

When I’m not at the gym, I am an IT consultant for small and medium sized business, which keeps me pretty busy.

I feel incredibly lucky to be a coach at this amazing gym. It’s very rewarding to know that I have been a part of the fitness of these awesome people. Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than helping someone move more safely or efficiently and watching their fitness move up. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Darryl Keffer, Coach


Darryl started his life as pretty much being the 98lb weakling (he weighed 130) and while he loved sports, was never strong or big enough to really stand out. BUT fitness has always been a priority and necessity for his sanity, so he became a faithful “globo” gym rat. Throw in a couple triathlons and a lot of protein powder and you’ve got a guy with a family that’s very outdoor oriented, who love to snowboard, hike, backpack and now do burpees!

“In the summer of 2011 my brother, who lives in Jersey, started talking to me about this CrossFit gym he had joined. I started having to listen to obsessive rants about WOD’s and AMRAP’s at the box. “Darryl, you HAVE to try this.” I kept blowing it off as crazy talk. Then, one of my coworkers started CrossFit. She sounded obsessed, too. I was not unhappy with my gym routine, so I didn’t listen too closely. A year later, I came home from the gym one night to find my wife and stepdaughter at the computer looking up CrossFit. They found one right in Everett and were going to drop by and check it out. I decided to tag along. We walked in the door and I knew right away that I was ‘home’. Jesse and Randy talked me and my reluctant wife into going home and coming back the same night for a fitness assessment. That was January 2012. I can’t believe the changes this type of fitness and diet program has made in my life.

I have never felt better or fitter. But those things are not even the best part. The camaraderie, friendly competition and support for each other at our box are things I have never experienced as part of my fitness life. All of these factors influenced my decision to attend the Crossfit Level 1 course to become a Crossfit Trainer.

Working in healthcare as a respiratory therapist has given me plenty of opportunities to see what ‘unhealthy’ looks like. Coaching Crossfit gives me the opportunity to help people in a completely different way.”

Matthew Murdock, Coach



Matt is a weightlifting fanatic with a keen eye for the lifts. He has been (Olympic) weightlifting for 8 years and as a USAW Sports Performance Level I certified coach enjoys helping lifters of all levels. After playing numerous sports from football to judo to track and field he found the sport of weightlifting and that the act of putting weight overhead is very rewarding.

Matt is currently serving in the United States Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer and is coaching ‘satellite style‘ from Charleston SC.

Robyn Lang, Coach & CrossFit Kids Coach




As long as Robyn has been able to, she has been setting herself to help people. As a child, she knew that she wanted to be a nurse, and set herself to attain that goal. After graduating from nursing school in Iowa, she moved back to the northwest to begin her career of helping others.  She attended her first Crossfit class in June 2010 and has since found a passion for it. Robyn believes that true fitness comes from regular exercise and healthy food choices. She works out four to five days a week, and is the resident guru as far as what is paleo or what is not. While she was pregnant with her second child, she found the strength to WOD up until two days before delivery.  She is mother to Asher and Avery and can regularly be found chasing the two of them around Crossfit Everett, or WODing with her husband Scott. Robyn is a Level 1 Crossfit trainier, Crossfit Kids coach, and a full time registered nurse with ACLS/ BLS, PALS, TNCC and a Certified Emergency Room Nurse.

“Instead of looking at a WOD and being intimidated, I look at it and think, “I can TOTALLY do that!” It’s been neat to watch myself change from someone who couldn’t do pull ups, push ups, or 20 inch box jumps into someone who can do all three – and be competitive!  I’ve never been a wilting flower of a girl, but there is a part of me that loves the fact that I’ve been referred to as ‘beastly’!

I was never, ever involved in sports in high school.  I was always too self-conscious and too afraid of failing to put myself in a place where confronting either was a possibility.  In college, I started running, and ran on and off throughout the years, including during my first pregnancy.  I considered myself pretty hard core, but I still had never been involved in anything remotely competitive. Enter CrossFit. I find it ironic that the thing that has driven me the hardest in my life is a workout in which I ‘compete’ with my class-members, my husband, and myself.  Sometimes I beat it, sometimes I don’t.  But it’s still so satisfying – and every day I get stronger – mentally and physically!”


Scott Lang, Coach



Scott enjoys sharing knowledge in all aspects of life – and whether it be sharing medical knowledge at home or overseas, instructing EMTs, or coaching at CrossFit Everett, he strives to help others achieve their best and impart passion in what they do. He had tried several other fitness programs and gyms without much enthusiasm before he found CrossFit, and was hooked after the first introductory workout. He currently works as a paramedic in Skagit County, where he also acts as an instructor in the county EMT program. He is certified in ACLS, BLS, PHTLS, PALS, Wilderness EMT, as well as CrossFit Level-1 certified. Father to Asher and Avery, you can usually find him coaching or WODing alongside his wife, Robyn, with these two little people in tow.

“The challenge keeps me coming back. We’ve tried a few different things to get in shape over the years… Globo-gyms, workout videos, running… But it all gets boring. CrossFit always has something new to try, be it a new WOD, or a new lift, or a new way of doing things. The design of CrossFit challenges me to do things better, and I enjoy that challenge. I want to have better form on my lifts so that I can lift more. I want to Rx more of my WOD’s so I can do them faster, or more reps.

Go check out Globo-gyms. They might be shiny and big… The girls have their makeup on while running on the treadmills… And the guys are busy leaning across the free weights to talk to each other. But, there’s a reason it’s so shiny and clean looking… no one really breaks a sweat there. When you’re done with your tour of the pretty gym, come back to CrossFit and ask to do the fitness assessment. Push yourself to do it as fast as you can. I promise you will sweat and gasp for breath, maybe even puke, and then you’ll go home and hurt. And then, you’ll want more!”


Tony Weidner, Coach



Tony began his athletic career at an early age and has pursued a life long love of sports. As a kid, his parents always had his family involved in some sort of sport year round from soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, hockey, football, lacrosse, wrestling and even tennis. With all the sports that Tony has played, it’s safe to say that he understands the value of a coach and the difference coaching makes. Having watched Tony during the Open WODS, I’d say he loves the brutal workouts, knows how to push his own limits and leads by example.

“For as long as I could remember I was always involved in some sort of sport; I pretty much stuck to Football in the fall and Lacrosse in the spring with weightlifting over the summers and winters. That was right up to the day I enlisted in the United States Navy and after a year away from playing sports I felt some sort of void in my life.

From the first day I walked into CrossFit Everett; I realized that CrossFit was going to be my sport. There isn’t anything I don’t like about it unless it involves a 20 minute AMRAP, but even then I find a way to enjoy it. I think the thing that I enjoy about it the most is watching other people suffer and pushing towards the end of a WOD to finish one more rep or shave 1 second off of their time. Seeing that on a daily basis is truly inspirational because it directly relates to anything you do in life.

In my eyes, I don’t see CrossFit just ‘Forging Elite Fitness’; I believe that it “forges an elite personality” and really brings out the best in people.”

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